Artist statement April 2018

Lily Flood is a London based artist working predominantly in photography, but also using a range of mixed mediums. Working mostly with ideas surrounding gender and self-reflection, Lily uses self-portraiture to question what it means to be a woman in modern day society, and to address ideas around loss of identity, social media and gender inequalities. Unlike traditional self-portraiture where the artist uses their own image as a way to directly reflect their feelings, Lily uses herself as a model, creating a new persona in each image as a way to express her point of view on the subject. Lily’s work is influenced greatly by Cindy Sherman, especially her way of working with herself as model and photographer, which can similarly be seen Lily’s work.


In her most recent work “Pink is for Girls”, Lily takes a satirical look at gender stereotyping. She uses self-portraiture to confront the gender inequality and stereotyping that young women are confronted with from  young age on a daily basis. Having been brought up in a household that celebrated women and feminism, Lily has always had strong feminist goals, and as such strives to use her work to inspire change against the gender inequality that surrounds our lives. Lily works passionately to create work that means something both to her, and that fits with the socio-political environment we are living in at the moment. With a great push towards equal rights with the start of the #metoo campaign and more media coverage over the gender-pay-gap, Lily’s work on other gender stereotypes fits in with the political climate of this time. In the “Pink is for Girls” images, Lily is influenced greatly by the #everydaysexism project, a website, book and twitter hashtag which logs the accounts of women across the globe experiencing and sharing their dealings with sexist remarks and stereotypes. The vast amount of accounts made by women across the globe has influenced Lily greatly and can be seen in the project. 


Lily works with both analogue and digital mediums to create her art work depending on the projects needs. Her main interests lie within darkroom processes, which add a unique visual aesthetic alongside colour which can only be achieved through analogue photography. Although she uses different mediums considering the needs of each project, Lily ties all her bodies of work together with an underlying theme of colour which is seen to compliment each project. Lily also enjoys using mixed media including sewing and screen printing, as seen in her project “Stitch” where Lily looks at identity and femininity through the fragility and power of a piece of thread.

Lily Flood ©